What to buy in Costa del Sol? ¿Apartment, attic, house or villa?

The properties that can get in the region, adapted to the needs of any buyer

The variety of properties that can be purchased on the Costa del Golf is quite wide, so you can adjust to any buyer and the requirements of this, in terms of size, luxury and location, and of course prices.
The types of properties that can be found throughout the Costa del Sol are similar, mainly varying in price according to location. Those looking for apartments in Marbella, are interested in being close to shops, restaurants and luxury ports. While those looking for property in Benahavis or Estepona, are more inclined to be a little more isolated, surrounded by golf clubs and nature.
Although real estate the three fundamental principles are location, location and location, many are guided by the type of property, taking criteria as it is spacious, it has swimming pool, luxury or is modern, regardless of whether it is an attic, apartment or villa. However, there are others who follow the natural tendency to define their interests and location, looking to be close to the beach, near a golf club or a resident of Puerto Banus, etc.
The highest recommendation that can be done is to clearly define the type of property you want, and what will be the use that will give. Most investors come with an estimate for your purchase budget, you can often find the property you want in an area that may not be your favorite, or get a property in the area you want with a higher price than it has budgeted . On the Costa del Sol, all important places are relatively close by car, therefore it is better to choose a property in a location other than his favorite, but know you will all destinations in the region nearby.

Costa del Sol Apartment, attic, house or villa

Costa del Sol Apartment, attic, house or villa

What will be the use that will have your property?

Prior to choose what kind of property you want, you define what your interests and objectives which are buying housing. People who buy property on the Costa del Sol, come for the following reasons:

• Vacation home or summer

Most of the people who come in family groups to buy property in Marbella or around, looking for a place where

Family on vacation home

Family on vacation home

they can spend their summers and days enjoying the beach and outdoor sports, everything can get in the region. It is also possible that during seasons that do not need to use the property, to rent place, in order to cover the costs of services and maintenance, in addition to extra income. This is presented as an excellent choice, as the rental market has been that has kept alive the real estate in Spain after the housing crisis, and still is forecast to maintain a positive trend in the coming years.

• House to retire

Many European and especially British and German foreign seek properties in places with pleasant climates, with excellent services and that are cheaper and are close to their home countries. This is why many opt for Marbella, looking villas or apartments purchased with part of your retirement money at lower costs than those could get in their own countries without the excellent conditions of service and luxury that offers the Coast Sol. the golf, accentuates the attractiveness of the region for these retirees, many of them are fans of this sport.

• As an investment

Due to falling property prices occurred after the housing crisis, many people have seen their window of opportunity since, been waiting for years, and the time has come. Sell a property to Foreigners see this as a form of investment when buying a property with great potential to revalue its price, to sell in a few years.

What types of properties are achieved Costa del Sol?

The supply of properties in the region is quite large, and the stock of housing available alongside the new developments that are soon to end, increase the availability and variety of properties to choose from. Among the main we can find:

• Flats

They have been the fastest growing and most built by new projects in the region. On south Andalusia, you can get different sizes and designs, so the idea that an apartment is small or uncomfortable can be discarded. They are perfect for people who wish to spend weekends or short periods and then leave for a long time, since the maintenance of such properties is economical compared to villas or houses. Families are also interested, as most of the new developments have common areas such as gardens, swimming pools, parks, perfect for sharing with children and pets.

• Villas

For those looking for large spaces to rest, and mold them to their demands, the villas in Costa del Sol are the most suitable option. They are the most sought after in the south Andalusia, as they have pools, and large green spaces, which can be used especially by families with children come to play and share outdoors. The not so good side of the villas is that they require constant maintenance which can result in high costs and land tax applied by government agencies.

Beautiful villas in Costa del Sol

Beautiful villas in Costa del Sol

However, most buyers prefer, as they provide a degree of privacy, tranquility, and a lot of comfort and luxury that you would want to add. The most important residential complexes on the Malaga Coast, are formed by villas, now the new projects aim to develop near the golf courses for greater exclusivity. The villas will offer their owners the opportunity to have all the privacy they want, but while being close to major entertainment sites, important places of the city and health care centers.

• Houses and chalets

Usually they are not as defendants as the aforementioned properties, but are being included in many of the new developments. If something can mention of such properties it is that they are practical, larger than an apartment but smaller than a villa. Most of these have two floors, gardens, and in some cases even with private pools. They are organized in small residential complex, which also have certain common areas with other owners. Regarding maintenance costs remain lower than those of a villa.

• Attics

Now they go beyond the common definition of just being the excess floor in a building, but have stood their virtues, and it is becoming increasingly fashionable to acquire one.
They usually have the advantage of a better location in terms of views and lighting, because, unless we have neighboring buildings that clog we receive a greater amount of light, having no interference from an upper floor, and clearly, because of the height they have a much broader view. Another advantage is that, as in the case of low, in many attics has a small additional terrace, part of the roof. A lack space than comparably other dwellings in the building.
Loa penthouses are recommended for those who come in pairs to spend vacation, because, for families, space is a little plus the discomforts concerning reduced mobility to be located on a top floor.

Tips to consider when choosing a property

The villas and apartments are the properties with greater demands  currently in the Costa del Sol as Ignacio Acosta says, and are modern designs, and the latest technology in terms of automation of lighting, security and irrigation systems for gardens, etc. Therefore, there are certain aspects to take into account current trends in the design of buildings, that can be useful when choosing your property.

– Kitchens

They are the ones that have tendency to modernized their design, and the premise that the less the better is met. Therefore, it is trying to exploit the spaces as much as possible, easily, and that is not cluttered with items.

– Living rooms

Now it is customary to be open and than the typical enclosed room that is used, on the contrary, it is intended that this free and allow communication with other areas such as the kitchen, and allow to relax or watch TV . Also if possible, create some privacy to be possible to close the spaces through folding or sliding doors, etc.

– Bedrooms

Emphasis should be placed in the master bedroom, which should be large, illuminated by natural light preferably with large windows and if possible, a small room to relax. The amplitude of the bedroom should be contrasted with the bathroom, which increasingly appears to be smaller, but in turn, with better finishing details, using stones as marble or glass.

– Entertainment Venues

They are the most innovative of the moment as they use smart technology, home automation structures to control everything through a central panel. What until recently it was used to be a home theater or a playroom, has gone on to become bars with a bar or a small winery, some prefer spaces to relax placing saunas or small heated pools, as a small spa .

– Outdoors

It is one of the factors that should be exploited to the Costa del Sol due to its magnificent climate. For this reason, buyers, regardless of whether they are buying a villa or an apartment, seeking to have spacious terraces with a covered space, just for protection. The pools are another factor that can not miss in the Marbella property; They have now been changed by rectangular designs extravagant shapes with edges that merge with the sea. The grounds for their part, have been downsized, but has increased the care of plants and flowers to choose from, always keeping short grass level.

Real estate activity has increased, choose your property now

The real estate crisis in the Costa del Sol has ended, the number of sales has gradually increased, probably due to the fact that prices are still up to 25% less than before the housing crisis highs, which encourages many, especially private buyers, who for years were looking for a property in the region, and falling prices saw their window of opportunity to invest in Marbella or in some of its nearby towns.
Of course, the great builders and real estate developers have also launched ambitious development plans in the few open spaces in Marbella who were at good prices. The new projects are both small, medium and large, including both residential complexes of villas and resorts family apartments, and many of these due to increasing demand, have already been purchased in full before the work is finished.
Local builders are not the only ones involved, since many international investors also have their own projects or if not associated with local promoters. Thus we see lot of Asian investors, Americans and Europeans of course, have been encouraged to make their resorts in Costa del Golf, mainly due to the potential of the region, but also the bright economic indicators that are forecast for the region have increased interest.
So if you want to invest in the Malaga, the time is now, the range of properties both second-hand and new developments that is available is wide, so you just need to define their priorities, and what the type property you want and where it suits its location.

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Contribution to the reader: Know the most demanded types of properties on the Costa del Sol, along with what the current trends in interiors properties are.

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