What is the IREA-AII and how long has it been in operation?

The International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII) is a company specializing in marketing properties via the Internet, providing real estate advertising services since 2000.

For more information about the company see: www.international-real-estate-alliance.com/company

Is the IREA-IIA an international real estate agency on the Internet?

The IREA-AII is not a real estate agency. An individual vendor or estate agent can advertise property on over 1122 websites on an interconnected network of portals, and potential buyers contact the advertiser directly without going through any intermediaries.

What is the commission charged for selling a property on the IREA-AII websites?

The IREA-AII portals do not charge any commission on sales. You can place an advertisement for 12 months on over 1122 international real estate advertising websites from as little as $40.

What services does the International Real Estate Alliance provide?

The IREA-AII provides advertising services aimed at facilitating the sale or rent of property around the world. For a small one-off fee, an individual vendor or real estate agency can list properties for an entire year on the entire network of portals.

Our prices:

Service: Single Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Properties: 1 25 500 1000 5000

Price/year: €40 €299 €999 €1499 €2999


When an individual vendor or agency publishes on any one of the 1122 portals, the properties are displayed on all websites in the network – simultaneously and at no extra cost.

The 1122 portals that form the IREA-AII are very well positioned in the leading search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. This in turn means that your listing has an excellent chance of appearing in the Google top 10 search results for your keywords.

The IREA-AII also offers a directory service to real estate agencies listed with us. In our estate agents directory on each website you will see the names, contact details and logos of all agents listed with us.

Most of the International Real Estate Alliance websites are franchised to independent operators, but each franchise offers the same exacting standard of service as all of the others. Each franchised website contains the entire IREA-AII database of properties and estate agents.

If you are interested in franchising a website please see here: www.franchise-business.info, or contact the IREA-AII.

In which countries are properties listed with the IREA-AII advertised?

The 1122 websites cover 180 countries worldwide. A complete list of portals can be found here:

Some highlights among our 1122 websites are:

How many photos can I place in my property listing?

You can load eight pictures for each property (with an ideal size of 200kb – 400kb, or 600 x 800 pixels) and can change these as often as you like. There is also the option to have the system automatically show a satellite photo of the exact point on the map where your property is located.

Can I edit the advertisement once it is published?

You can make as many changes to your advertisement as you like. Once you have published your property you are given easy access to a Control Panel where you can edit and update information and photos as often as you wish.

What happens once the property is sold?

Once you sell the property you can remove the advertisement if you wish. If you represent an agency, it may be helpful to simply write ‘SOLD’ in the description, and encourage visitors to view your other listings or contact you for similar properties.

What kind of information I can put in the advertisement?

The announcement will automatically contain the following information:
Property type: ex. House, apartment, condominium, etc
Type of operation: eg for sale or rent
Price: in Dollars, Euros or Pounds
Location: country, region, area and specific area
Number of bedrooms/bathrooms

You can also place a description of the property you wish to sell or rent out. We suggest that it contains the following information: description of the property, measurements in square metres or feet, condition of the property, and a description of the surrounding area where the property is located.

Many potential buyers will not know much about where your property is located and it is therefore important to describe the characteristics of this area. You might mention the main attractions that are nearby the property such as museums, theatres, shopping, distance to train stations or other forms of transport, airports (we advise you to include this information in minutes by car or on foot).
It is important to highlight the unique qualities that your property has, to distinguish it from the rest. For example, panoramic views, near schools, near the beach, near shopping and so forth.
You can place a link to any website where you have more information about your property, and any additional contact information, such as email addresses.

What are the payment options, and what security can the IREA-AII give me?

Advertisements for individual properties are to be paid for via credit card or PayPal. Bank transfers will be accepted when paying for services for advertising large numbers of properties.
For payment by credit card, the company provides the following assurances:

Payment processing is done through a world leader in online payments called 2Checkout.com, which provides the highest levels of security complying with U.S. and European regulations.

2CO.com, 1785 O ‘ O’Brien Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43 228, USA.

Copyright © 2010 2Checkout.com, Inc.

We are often asked whether it is safe to make payments via the Internet, and we always advise that the client perform the following check: before you enter card information, verify that the page address begins with https (pages usually begin with http). This tells you that the page is using a secure connection.

Our site has an SSL certificate and transactions through our site are protected and encrypted with SSL 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption, all of which has been verified by Starfiel.

See certificate: //seal.starfieldtech.com/verifySeal?seal=1535659205059004dc41012009ff0cfd57fa39425799724234126077556

For visa card payments, 2Checkout uses a program called Verified by Visa: //www.2checkout.com/static/checkout/vbv_toolkit/service_desc_popup.htm ; and Mastercard has a security measure they call SecureCode: //www.mastercard.com/us/personal/en/cardholderservices/securecode/index.html.

Depending on the regulations of your bank, in many cases you may at the time of payment be sent to the home page of your bank, where you may be asked some personal information to verify that you are the person authorised to make the transaction.
2Checkout is BBB accredited since August 2001 and rated A +, see more information: //www.bbb.org/centralohio/business-reviews/internet-shopping/2checkoutcom-in-columbus-oh-42002032?definitions=no
2Checkout also has a Mcafee certificate: //www.mcafeesecure.com/RatingVerify?ref=www.2checkout.com&lang=ES
Thus payments by credit card via 2Checkout are 100% secure.

How do potential buyers come to see my ad on the Internet?

The 1122 portals that form the IREA-AII are very well positioned in the leading search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
On average, more than 500 people visit each of the International Real Estate Alliance portals daily, which means more than 300 000 people visit our network of websites every day, totalling more than 2 million visitors on a weekly basis and 8 MILLION monthly. This means your advertisement will be exposed to more than 80 million visitors over 12 months, since your listing can be accessed from all 1122 sites that make up the International Real Estate Alliance.
All websites have a property search function that allows you to search by specifying location, property type, price, and so forth. When a potential buyer enters the specific criteria that match your property, your listing will appear complete with description, photos and your own contact details. Potential buyers will therefore contact you directly by email, telephone or online chat if you have chosen to share your Skype and/or MSN username.

How do I get in touch with potential buyers?

The thousands of potential buyers who visit the websites will, on viewing your advertisement, see your contact details: telephone, email, Skype, MSN and any other information you have entered. Interested parties can thus get in contact with the advertiser, but not vice versa.

How do I list a property on the 1122 IREA-AII portals?

To advertise a property on all portals, please take the following steps:

  1. Select the number of properties that you want to publish (30 seconds)
  2. Specify advertiser’s contact information and property information. You can place the photos of the property at this time or once the ad is placed (5 minutes per property)
  3. Confirm information entered (10 seconds)
  4. Select form of payment (10 seconds)
  5. Enter your payment details (2 minutes)

How long will it take for my listing to be published on all of the property portals?

Once the request is sent, it passes a manual security check and payment is processed within 24 hours. You will receive a welcome email, notifying the successful publication of your ad on the 1122 sites. In the same email you will receive a username and password that allows you to make changes to your advertisement from a Control Panel accessed from any one of our websites. This process can take from two to 24 hours.