Advantages and disadvantages of sell real estate in Costa del Golf

Selling a property is not easy for everyone, that is why many people hire a real estate agent

Many wonder whether or not to hire a real estate agent. It is the same question that both buyers are made to purchase your home and also the owners if the services needed to sell the house.
Each split of these options has advantages and disadvantages, as you know before taking any decision must have certain information that is attached to reality: the purchase or sale of property is one of the more specialized topics, and say to complicated, that must also know their responsibilities agent.
Today it can be a very complicated process to sell your property on the Costa del Sol independently, ie without the support, advice and experience that has a real estate agency, which the market very well know, know how sell and also reach a greater number of people because their web portals have a high traffic of visitors from all over the world, meanwhile there are also some disadvantages is that the price might increase slightly due to the gain the agency, however with companies like International real estate alliance will pay once and enjoy all services without having to cancel percentages for sale.

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Advantages of hiring a real estate agency services

When deciding to sell a property with the help of a real estate agency, it is to know choosing it, for it must assess what is the one with more experience and that is reliable, so we recommend the services of our company, market leader buying and selling property in south Andalusia and anywhere in the world, and which it is also recognized for its high rate of sales to foreign investors, which is why we want today to highlight the advantages of selling your property with the support of this type agency:

1. They are business professionals

Who else can better understand the issues related to real estate sales? Obviously real estate agencies are expert at it, and is well aware of the opportunities in your area since, have survived thanks to this addition are always ready to give you support and advice when you want to sell your property and of course for those people who are interested in purchasing one.
With the crisis, the real estate agencies that have survived are especially those that have adapted to the needs of the market for buying and selling property, as in the case of International real estate alliance which through more training, transparency and above all through greater specialization in their products, ie, in buildings that offers managed to stay active and today be the leader in Europe.

2. Know the market and prices

One of the main troubles of sellers is how to know the right price for your property, which is why we

Real Estate Market

The real estate agents are aware of the market situation

have the help of these businesses will be very valid, because these companies have databases with actual selling prices. In addition, they know perfectly differentiate between bid prices and selling prices. They know just as prices per square meter according to the area and know impose the price of those properties that have extras that can be called luxury, ie, those with pools, apartments with sea view condos gyms, tennis courts or any other kind of comfort that represents a “plus” for sale and you can increase your cost.

3. Allow you to save time

The information saves time and, above all, permits a more effective purchase decision. Generally people who are interested in purchasing a property want to see it first, surely there will be many of them, so you should have enough time to please everyone and have the opportunity to show your property, this happens when you do not have the support of real estate specialists, while if you hire their services they will be responsible for receiving those interested, give them a tour of the property, highlighted more security are the greatest strengths and attractions of the housing are and do it in a more professional manner since they are the experts on the subject, while you can continue with your daily work and leave this work in skilled hands.

4. They are responsible for legal matters

In many of the real estate transactions that are made between individuals, operations and drafting the contract they are mismanaged precisely because of ignorance; something that does not happen when they are managed by an industry professional. For those requiring a mortgage, it may be easier to do by professionals, because they know fully what the requirements are, banks where it is easier and faster to get this kind of mortgage assistance etc.

5. Seek buyers and generate visits

The only database of potential buyers, and both domestic and foreign investors that are on the market are in the hands of real estate agencies, there are databases of properties exposed to the public but not buyers, so have the advice and support of companies like Panda Estates can be very favorable since you will have this information and your property will reach many more potential customers.
No doubt the real estate agencies have much more flexibility than the owners to make visits, allowing customers more freedom, as the agency is in charge of this aspect fully booked and no longer need to spend all day taking care of the calls from potential customers, specifying times and waiting to arrive to your house, as there will be a team that will handle 100% of it.


Disadvantages of selling your home with a real estate

1. Pay commissions

This is the main disadvantage of working with an agency, is that as mentioned above, these companies charge a number of fees that hover between 1 and 5%, so the cost of your property will be higher. Here the general rule is that the owner pays the commission to the realtor long as you sell the property. Even if after a period of months and has invested in marketing agent or prospective buyers time to attend, as a seller you do not have to pay until the closing of the sale is not achieved. For buyers, they do not have to pay anything to the agent.

2. Restrictions on sale

After hiring the services of an agency it could be reduced our freedom of choice of buyer to make a commitment to its housing portfolio. As part of the work of estate agent is kept informed both the seller and the buyer throughout the process. If you miss this, there may be a breach of contract. It is your duty give you an update of what is happening with the property you are selling. If you’re buying, also the agent it must provide information on the stage of the process, necessary documents and estimated closing time.

Real estate agents

The agent will always be in charge during the visits

3. There intermediaries in the sale

If you decide to sell your property through a real estate company, and the potential buyer has likewise a representative real estate, therefore every possible agreement will be subject at least to the intervention of two intermediaries, which are those that materialize the operation.

4. Depending on the time available for its people

Your agent is likely to have more customers to attend to, for this reason, chances are you are not 100% of the time to their services. In this way, you will have to match your spare time with your agent to conduct negotiations, and the sale depends in part the effort to put this, so according to the time and effort you put your agent selling the property, along with other factors, may influence time elapsing your property on the market.
The decision whether to sell your property with or without a real estate agency, will always be at their discretion. However, real estate experts as Ignacio Acosta Sorge recommended that a value of 10% is deemed to advertise your property both  websites as well as in print medium. This is a more effective sell your property in less time and at the best price mode.
When it comes to online ads for offering property, so you know the greatest number of potential customers to easily find prospective buyers, to expand its visibility and increase its occupancy rate is finding that has become a real headache today. In fact, the number of suppliers in the market has never been more important, bids are varied, difficult to compare, prices are very different, highly heterogeneous benefits.


Commissions, Who pays them?

In general it is the seller who must pay these fees, which typically are already included in the price floor. However, some real estate agents say that most “healthy” is to charge such fees to both sides, ie, both who sells the property, as to whom the purchase.
As for the time of payment of the commission, it is common that the commission is paid in two parts. One that is made at the time of the signing of earnest money and the other at the time of the deed.
In areas of high real estate rebound and are also of great interest investment by foreigners as Barcelona, ​​some agencies charge 3% commission, even in some cases is reduced to 2%, which allows you to generate more profits, because customers roam many such companies looking for the best options and sometimes realize with the same property but with a price that reaches vary up to 10,000 euros, that as a result of those charge 5% would add directly to the cost property. So now some companies have chosen to charge a lesser extent but still manage to realize a greater amount of purchases.

The advantages offered by selling a real estate are numerous as noted above, as it frees the owner from having to perform all tasks that involve selling a property. Paperwork, visits, legal procedures, etc., it is part of the job of real estate agent, who is also a specialist in the market and looking for customers that best suits the property.
However, many people choose to place your property for sale without hiring the services of a real estate agent. The main reason for this is to try to reduce costs by not having to cancel commissions to the agent. In addition, today, a lot of homeowners choose to hire real estate marketing companies online that allow post notices of property in international portals and thus the property is seen worldwide. Thus, owners only invest in advertising without paying commission.


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