8 reasons why advertise my real estate on the International Real Estate Alliance

1 My real estate advertisement will be listed on 1122 websites

State wide, interstate and World Wide
, The International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII) is the largest real estate network in the world, with 1122 franchised real estate advertising portals.

My real estate listing will be visible on reputable sites like International Real Estate Federation, International Real Estate Directory and International Real Estate Association and listed on all other IREA-AII real estate selling portals in various languages around the world.

2 My real estate ads published in all 50 US States and in 180 Countries World Wide

Broaden your target audience to the entire US, and 180 other Countries on 5 Continents.

Advertise real estate on the IREA-AII portal network and your listing will be seen just as easily by a house hunter in your town as by a real estate investor from abroad.

3 Reach 500 million real estate investors annually in the US and abroad

More than 1.2 million visitors per day search our listings for residential, commercial and rural real estate for sale on our 1122 websites. This adds up to more than 500 million potential buyers who enter our portals in search of properties for sale and rent every year.

4 My real estate ads seen by prospective buyers at major real estate conventions and expos

The International Real Estate Alliance participates in major trade shows and events promoting the sale or rent of commercial, residential and investment real estate. At these conventions and expos, everyone from real estate investors to first time home buyers consult the many real estate advertisements advertised on our portal network. A great number of sales are achieved through real estate conventions and trade shows.

5. IREA International Real Estate Alliance Reputation

At the International Real Estate Alliance we invite you to check our reputation and the quality of our service before you buy

Our competitors’ websites will all tell you they are the best real estate advertising portals on the market, that they achieve the most housing sales and have the highest number of individual visitors. They will not tell you how to substantiate those claims for yourself.

We also make those claims, but the difference is that we do not expect you to just take our word for it.
You can check the reputation of any website on the Internet by using simple tools available to every consumer.

We believe you can and should check the reputation and quality of a site before you commit, and here’s how.
The reputation of a portal is measured from 0 to 10 and is known as PageRank (PR).

PageRank is a ranking system invented by Google, patented on January 9, 1999. Read more about PageRank >

To check the PageRank of any given page, use a tool such as www.PageRankInternational.com.

PageRank References

PR from 0 to 2: pages with no reputation Most of the pages found on the Internet fall into this category.

PR3: fair reputation.

PR4: fair to good reputation

PR5: good reputation

PR6: very good reputation

PR7: reputation achieved by portals such as Google.es, Google.com.mx, Google.com.ar

PR8 to PR10: only achieved by portals in the category of cnn.com (PR8) or Google.com (PR10)

Our reputation: 
We have several real estate advertising portals with a reputation as high as PR7, such as nx-cb.com, Add to this hundreds of sites with a PR6, including irea-aii.com, international-real-estate-alliance.com, sygsj.com, matrixnetwork.com, immunicon.com.

We also have hundreds of real estate websites with PR5, such as alianza-inmobiliaria-internacional.com.

We invite you to check the PageRank of any of our websites before you decide to place your real estate advertisement with us.

See here for a list of all IREA-AII real estate advertising websites.

This way you can see for yourself that we are the largest and most reputable real estate network on the Internet.

6 Placing my real estate ad is a cinch

It takes just 5 minutes to place your listing, and our system automatically publishes it on all the real estate websites in the International Real Estate Alliance network.

Simply complete a form with the details of the property and within minutes your ad is automatically listed on more than 1122 real estate advertising portals on the Internet.

Click here to place my real estate ad on 1122 portals now.

Once your listing is placed, you will receive a welcome email with your username and password. These allow you to enter a personal control panel where you can make changes to your listing and add or remove pictures.

7 Advertise real estate cheaper than “free”

Firstly, unlike many ‘free’ websites, we charge no commissions, and there are no hidden costs.
The only fee you will be charged for advertising any single property on all 1122 portals, for 12 months, is US$55.
We say that our service is ‘cheaper than free’, for the following reasons:

* Imagine the time it would take to place ads on hundreds of free portals.

How much are these hundreds of hours worth to you, considering that the majority of these websites do not produce results?

With the IREA-AII, you will spend just a few minutes to list your property on hundreds of statewide, interstate and international websites automatically.

* The IREA-AII real estate advertising portals produce successful results

IREA-AII has millions invested in positioning its portal network. If you want to sell or rent real estate in the US or abroad, advertising on the International Real Estate Alliance is your best option.
Click here to place your real estate ad now.
If you have any questions, please read the IREA FAQs asked by our clients.

8 Contribution to Charity

By placing your international real estate ad, you are helping those who are in the most need.

The International Real Estate Alliance allocates 10% of its profits from real estate advertising sales to assist in:
- Humanitarian aid to people with limited resources 
- Research for the cure of diseases 
- Education 
The International Real Estate Alliance assures that the money will be used for aid, research and education, monitoring the progress made as a result of these contributions.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the reasons to advertise real estate on our portals.

International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional